Food and Beverages

Your satisfaction is our goal.

A look into our menu will raise your appetite. We will immerse you into the culinary traditions of Asia and serve you meals and beverages from Viet Nam, Thailand and China.

You find the “standard” Asian dishes: Various meats, fish or tofu served with rice and vegetables with tasty sauces. In case you like it more authentic you might want to try our home-made spring rolls, our fried noodles or rice noodles or fried rice. Here you find the famous Bami Goreng or Nasi Goreng. Or you try the authentic Vietnamese noodle soup (S10) or one of our Thai-specials. Higly recommended is also Luc-Lac (76), it tastes just like home! We offer a few exotic beverages but we ourselves prefer freshly squeezed fruit juice.

In case your children prefer „classic“ nutrition they may order Chicken with french-fries!

Bon Appetit!

By the way:

All dishes from our menue you may pre-order by phone for carry out and enjoy them at home.

Phone: 08362 / 93 97 714

Our Menu

Please choose from the different categories of our menu.

All prices in Euro including VAT.


(p) slightly hot
(ls) medium hot
(s) hot
(ss) sweet and sour
(sss) sweet-sour-hot

All dishes with very little MSG

1Mini Spring Roll vegetarian (6pcs.)2.50
2Spring Roll Saigon (3pcs.)2.50
3Fried Wan Tan (8pcs.)2.50
4Spring Roll (Lumpia)2.50
5Shrimp Chips1.50
5aCrispy Giant Shrimps3.50
#Salads with home made dressing
6Mixed Salad3.50
7Salad with Chicken5.90
8Salad with Breaded Chicken Breast5.90
9Salad with 6 Mini Spring Rolls5.50
10Salad with 2 Spring Rolls5.50
11Salad with Grilled Duck7.50
12Salad with Grilled Duck and Breaded Chicken Breast7.50
12aSalad with Crispy Giant Shrimps7.50
13Beijing Soup (ss)2.50
13aChicken Soup with Glass Noodle and Vegetables3.00
14Chicken Soup with Chicken Meat and Vegetables2.50
15Wan Tan Soup with Vegetables2.50
16Tom Yam Gung Soup with Shrimp Bamboo shoots and Champions(s)3.50
16aGai Yam Gung Soup with Chicken Meat and Coconut Milk (s)3.50
17Fish Soup with Vegetables(ls)3.50
#Fried Noodles
25with Chicken Meat Vegetables Egg5.90
25cwith Penne fried with Chicken Meat6.50
26with Pork Vegetables Egg (sss)5.90
27with Beef Vegetables Egg6.50
28with Duck Vegetables Egg7.50
29with Shrimp Vegetables Egg5.90
30with Giant Shrimp Vegetables Egg7.50
31with Breaded Chicken Breast Vegetables Egg5.90
32Bami Goreng with Shrimp Chicken Curry (p)6.50
32bwith Seafood Peanuts Vegetables (s)6.50
32cAsia Spaghetti with Chicken Peanut- or Hoisin Sauce (p)6.90
#Fried Rice
25awith Chicken Vegetables Egg5.90
26awith Pork Vegetables Egg5.90
27awith Beef Vegetables Egg6.50
28awith Duck Vegetables Egg7.50
29awith Shrimp Vegetables Egg5.90
30awith Giant Shrimp Vegetables Egg7.50
31awith Breaded Chicken Breast Vegetables Egg5.90
32aNasi Goreng with Shrimp Chicken Curry (p)6.50
32dwith Chicken and Pineapple (sss)6.90
#Fried Rice Noodles or Pasta
18with Chicken Vegetables Egg6.50
19with Pork Vegetables Egg6.50
20with Beef Vegetables Egg7.00
21with Duck Vegetables Egg   7.50
22with Shrimp Vegetables Egg6.50
23with Giant Shrimp Vegetables Egg7.50
23aGlass Noodle with Chicken and Vegetables7.00
24“Singapo” Rice Noodles with Chicken Pork Shrimp Curry (p)7.00
#Vegetarian Dishes (with Rice)
33Chop-Suey various Vegetables Tofu5.00
34Fried Vegetables with Tofu in Curry-Sauce (p)5.00
35Kung Pao Style Fried Pepper Bamboo Morels and Tofu (p)5.00
36Szechuan Style Fried Vegetables and Tofu (p)5.00
37Fried Rice with Vegetables and Egg5.00
38Freid Rice Noodles with Soybean-Sprouts and Egg5.90
39Fried Noodles with Vegetables and Egg5.00
39aFried Noodles with Tofu Vegetables Curry (p)5.90
39bVarious Fried Vegetables in Sweet/Sour Sauce with Pineapple5.00
#Chicken Dishes (with Rice)
40Chicken “Xa Ot” Peppers Onion Lemon Grass (s)5.90
41with Curry Champions Bamboo (p)5.90
42“Kung Pao” Bamboo Pepper Morels (p)5.90
43Sa-cha Sauce Vegetables and Garlic (p)5.90
44with Onions and Leek (ls)5.90
45Szechuan Style Vegetables Garlic (p)5.90
46Fried Chicken in Sweet&Sour Sauce5.90
47Fried Chicken with Vegetables in Peanut Sauce (p)5.90
#Breaded Chicken Breast (wit Rice)
40aChop Suey various Vegetables5.90
41aCurry sauce Vegetables (p)5.90
42aKung Pao Bamboo Peppers Morels (p)5.90
43aSa-cha Sauce with Vegetables and Garlic (p)5.90
44aSweet/Sour Vegetables Pineapple (s)5.90
45aPeanut Sauce Vegetables (p)5.90
46aHoisin Sauce Vegetables (p)5.90
#Chicken Legs (with Rice without Bone)
40bChop Suey various Vegetables6.50
41bCurry sauce Vegetables (p)6.50
42bKung Pao Bamboo Peppers Morels (p)6.50
43bSa-cha Sauce with Vegetables and Garlic (p)6.50
44bSweet/Sour Vegetables Pineapple (ss)6.50
45bPeanut Sauce Vegetables (p)6.50
46bHoisin Sauce Vegetables (p)6.50
#Pork Dishes (with Rice)
50Chop Suey various Vegetables5.90
51with Curry Champions Bamboo Pepper (p)5.90
52Kung-Pao Bamboo Pepper Morels (p)5.90
53Sa-cha Sauce Vegetables Garlic (p)5.90
54Breaded Pork Sweet&Sour sauce Vegetables Pineapple (ss)5.90
55Szechuan Style Vegetables (p)5.90
#Turkey Dishes (with Rice)
P1with Vegetables Chop Suey in Soy Sauce7.50
P2with Vegetables Pineapple in Sweet&Sour Sauce7.50
P3with Vegetables Gong-Po (s)7.50
P4with Vegetables Coconut Milk in Curry Sauce (p)7.50
P5with Vegetables in piquant Hoisin Sauce (p)7.50
P6with Vegetables in Peanut Sauce (ls)7.50
P7with Vegetables Coconut Milk in Red Thai Curry Sauce (s)7.50
#Duck Dishes (with Rice)
60Chop Suey various Vegetables7.50
61with Curry Champions Bamboo (p)7.50
62Kung-Pao Bamboo Pepper Morels Onions (p)7.50
63Sa-cha Sauce Vegetables Garlic (p)7.50
64Sweet/Sour Vegetables Pineapple (ss)7.50
65Canton Duck with Vegetables (p)7.50
66Vegetables Peanut sauce (p)7.50
#Beef Dishes (with Rice)
70Chop Suey various Vegetables6.50
71with Curry Champions Bamboo Pepper (p)6.50
72Kung-Pao Bamboo Pepper Morels Onions (p)6.50
73Sa-cha Sauce Vegetables Garlic (p)6.50
74with red Onions Leek Pepper (p)6.50
75Fire-Dragon Garlic (s)6.50
76Luc Lac with Lemon Grass Chili Garlic Onions Pepper (s)7.00
77with Onions Lemon Grass (s)6.50
#Fish Dishes (with Rice)
80Breaded Chop Suey Vegetable5.90
80aBreaded Peanut Sauce Vegetables (ls)5.90
81Curry Carrots Bamboo Champions (p)5.90
82Kung Pao Bamboo Morels Pepper (p)5.90
83Szechuan Style (p)6.50
84Sweet/Sour Vegetable Pineapple (ss)5.90
85Deep Fried Squid Rings with sauce of your Choice5.90
86Seafood with Vegetables in Hoisin sauce (s)5.90
87Fried Squid Celery Lemon Grass (s)6.50
#Giant Shrimp Dishes (with Rice)
90Chop-Suey Vegetables7.50
91Curry Pepper Bamboo Champions (p)7.50
92Kung Pao Bamboo Vegetables (p)7.50
93Sa-cha Sauce Vegetables Garlic (p)7.50
94Szechuan Style Vegetables (p)7.50
95Crispy Giant Shrimp with Vegetables Peanut Sauce (ls)7.50
#Specialties (with Rice)
S1Eight Treasures Giant Shrimp Three Different Meats (p)7.50
S2Special: Chicken and Giant Shrimp Vegetables (p)7.50
S3Samsien Fire Dragon Various Meat Shrimp (very hot)7.50
S4Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast in Curry Sauce (p)7.50
S5Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast in Kung Pao Sauce (p)7.50
S6Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast in Sa-cha Sauce (p)7.50
S7Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast Vegetables Pineapple (ss)7.50
S8Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast with Canton Vegetables (p)7.50
S9Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast in Peanut Sauce (p)7.50
S10Pho-Ga Rice Noodle Soup with Chicken Soy Bean Sprouts and Vietnamese Herbs7.50
S10aPho-Ga Rice Noodle Soup with Beef Soy Bean Sprouts and Vietnamese Herbs7.50
S11Beef Shrimp and Chicken with Vegetables in Hoisin Sauce or Red Thai Curry (s)7.50
S12Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast in Asparagus Sauce8.50
S13Crispy Duck & Breaded Chicken Breast with Vegetables in Red Thai Curry/Coconut  milk sauce7.50
#Thai Specialties (with Rice)
T1Chicken with Red Thai Curry (s)6.00
T2Chicken with Coconut Milk Curry (s)6.00
T3Pork with Bamboo Pepper Thai Curry (s)6.00
T4Pork with Coconut Milk Curry (s)6.50
T5Beef with Vegetables (Fish Sauce) (s)6.50
T6Beef with Pepper Coconut Milk Curry (s)6.50
T7Duck Red Curry Bamboo Onions (s)7.50
T8Bangkok Duck Coconut Milk Thai Curry Vegetables (s)7.50
T9Duck Sweet/Sour and Vegetables in Hot Sauce (s)7.50
T10Shrimp with Coconut Milk in Thai Curry (s)7.50
T11Fish Fillet in Red Thai Curry Coconut Milk (s)6.00
T12Shrimp and Fish Fillet in Curry Sauce (s)7.50
T13Chicken Breast in Thai Curry with Coconut Milk (s)6.00
N1Fried Banana with Honey and Ice Cream3.00
N2Fried Pineapple with Honey and Ice Cream3.00
N3Fresh Fruit Salad small2.50
N3aFresh Fruit Salad large4.00
N4Pineapple Piece1.50
N5Mixed Ice Cream3.00
#Children’s Dishes
K1French Fries3.00
K2Thai Spring Roll with French Fries4.50
K3Breaded Chicken with French Fries4.50
K4Crispy Duck with French Fries5.50
Coke Fanta Spezi Sprite0.3 l1.80
Coke Fanta Spezi Sprite0.4 l2.00
Coke Fanta Spezi Sprite (can)0.331.80
Grape Juice Spritzer0.4 l2.00
Apple Spritzer0.4 l2.00
Orange Spritzer0.4 l2.00
Mango Lychee Juice0.25 l2.00
Coconut Guave Juice0.25 l2.00
Freshly Squeezed Juices
Apple Carrot Orange0.2 l3.00
Mango Pineapple Orange0.2 l3.00
Grapefruit0.2 l3.00
Pils0.5 l2.70
Light Beer (Helles)0.5 l2.70
Dark Beer0.5 l2.70
Non-Alcoholic Beer0.5 l2.70
Wheat Beer Light0.5 l2.70
Wheat Beer Dark0.5 l2.70
SHINGHA-Thai Beer0.3 l2.70
Red Whine (China)0.2 l3.00
White Whine (China)0.2 l3.00
Plum Whine0.2 l3.00
Red Whine / White Whine0.2 l3.00
Hot Beverages
Jasmin Teacup1.80
Green Teacup1.80
Black Teacup1.80
Peppermint Teacup1.80
Green Teasmall pot2.70
Jasmine Teasmall pot2.70