Travel Groups

Der Raum für Reisegruppen

We welcome travel groups

Tourists who travel as a group are welcome to be our guests. We know you don’t have much of time and your pre-order allows us to prepare your dishes so you will not have to wait long but be able to continue your trip full, happy and satisfied.

Especially when traveling the light and healthy cuisine from Thailand, China and Viet Nam is good for you. You eat healthy and tasty without straining your body too much.

Upstairs in our restaurant we offer a cozy and nicely furnished separate room where travel groups are being served individually.

We are looking forward to your request and will put together a special meal for a set price.

Reisegruppen sind willkommen

Our menu suggestion:

  • Soup
  • Fried chicken with vegetable
  • Fried pork with vegetable
  • Fish
  • Tofu
  • Vegetarian dish

All dishes are served with rice and your choice of jasmine-tea or water.

This meal you get for only

€  7.00 per person.


Additional options

If you are a little more hungry, you can also order:

Beef+ € 2.00
Sqid+ € 2.00
Scrambled egg+ € 1.50
Giant shrimp+ € 2.50
Duck+ € 3.00
additional drinksprice
Cola Fanta Spezi Mineral Water€ 3.00 per liter
Red or white wein€ 15.00 per liter
Beer€ 2.00 per bottle

Just a five-minute walk

It is best to park your car / bus at the „Morisse“ parking P3.

From there you walk towards the city center and after you passed the „Girls fountain“ you turn left into the „Hintere Gasse“. At the end of this short street you find Thuy Golden Stäbchen.